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Numerous agencies and organizations may need to be involved in any given Marine Conservation Agreement project. The contact directories on this page will help determine which agencies should potentially be contacted and how to contact them. Please Contact Us if you have corrections to the information provided here.

U.S. State Agency Directories

Contact information for U.S. state agencies, included in each of the United States Analyses, can also be accessed by several methods below.

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Agency Contacts Table: An interactive table, which allows sorting of agencies by topic or state, can be accessed below. Note: Links in the table have been updated as of April 2010. Click the arrows on the right to open or close the Agency Contacts Table.

Agency State Aqua-
Beaches Coastal Zone Fish

Click on any column heading to sort the data. For example, to find all the agencies that deal with Beaches, click the Beaches column heading twice, which will result in those marked “x” listed first.

To filter the table to a single state, click the Filter icon in the State column Filter icon and select a state. You can then still sort on any column.

Comprehensive Downloads: Click on the thumbnail images to the right to download a table that lists the contact information for all U.S. agencies identified in this toolkit in pdf or Excel format. Note: Links in the pdf and Excel documents are even less up to date than those in the interactive table, above. We are working on it.

Global Contact Directories

Thousands of agencies and organizations are involved with coastal, ocean, and marine management and conservation. The sheer number makes it difficult to obtain consistent contact information for relevant entities in any specific geography or field of expertise. While it is not possible or desirable to develop a globally comprehensive contact database for this toolkit, the existing directories below may be helpful.

  • Conservation Directory — A searchable global database of over four thousand environmental non-profit, education, commercial, and government entities.
  • Environmental Directory — A searchable database of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and environmental education.
  • Find a Land Trust Alliance Member Land Trust — An interactive map that provides free access to contact information for approximately 1,600 land trusts in the United States.
  • OceanExpert — A global searchable database containing information on individuals and institutions involved in all aspects of marine or freshwater research and management.
  • World Ocean Directory — A searchable global database.

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