MCA Toolkit For Roofers and Concrete Companies Around California

Country and State Analyses

Marine Conservation Agreements (MCAs) are flexible and adaptable tools, but essential information about different ocean and coastal management frameworks should be understood before trying to apply MCAs in specific countries. The documentation of country-specific information provided in this section of the toolkit, as either in-depth or initial analyses, can help practitioners understand the likelihood, processes, requirements and options for implementing MCAs. New information will be added to the toolkit as we learn more about MCAs in specific countries. If you have information you would like to be considered for inclusion, please Contact Us.

Country Analyses Summary Map

Country Analyses Summary Table

CountryAnalysisMarine Conservation AgreementsToolkit Field Projects
InitialIn-depthPrivate OwnershipPrivate Contracting
for Management
Belize xExistsExists 
Brazil xLikely Not PossiblePossible 
Canada xLikely Not PossiblePossible 
Chile xUnknownExistsx
Colombiax PossiblePossible 
Costa Ricax PossiblePossible 
Ecuadorx Likely Not PossibleExistsx
Indonesia xExists (traditional)Existsx
Kenya xLikely Not PossibleLikely Not Possible 
Madagascar xLikely Not PossibleInformal Exists 
Mexico xLikely Not PossibleExistsx
Mozambique xLikely Not PossibleExistsx
Panama xPossibleExists 
Perux Likely Not PossiblePossible 
Philippines xUnknownExists 
Seychelles xLikely ExistsLikely Exists 
South Africa xLikely Not PossibleLikely Not Possible 
Spain xLikely Not PossibleExists 
Tanzania xLikely Not PossibleExistsx
United StatesxxExistsExistsx
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